Laura Lee making bandana coolers
Laura Lee creating Bandana Coolers.

About the hands behind
Dry Creek Design

Laura Lee Zito, the loving hands behind everything that is made and sold here at Dry Creek Design, grew up outside a small town in Montana’s beautiful Bitterroot Valley. For 25 years, she and her husband lived on 40 acres of land that friends and family would often affectionately call the Funnee Farm. Here they raised sheep, goats, cows, chickens, a horse or two along with various other critters, but most important of all the land gave them a great place to raise their seven children.

In 1998, they purchased a little valley near Greybull, Wyoming out in the middle of nowhere that included a stretch of a small stream called Dry Creek. With 150 acres to work with, they started and ran Shadow Walker Paintball Field on the weekends. They also provided respite care for handicapped children and adults.

Laura Lee always loved to sew and make things for friends and family or just because. In fact sewing was a kind of get away and constructive therapy for her. When she wasn’t running around taking care of this or that, or when she simply needed a little time to herself, she would sneak off to her sewing machine and sew to her heart’s content. It was not long before she figured it was time to start making a little money from her hobby by selling things that she made on a website and in 2003 Dry Creek Design was born.

They lived in their little Dry Creek valley until 2012, when they decided that it was time to retire and be closer to family. They closed the paintball field, quit the respite care and finally sold the secluded valley paradise in order to move to Billings Montana where 16 of their 22 grandchildren live.

Now, Laura Lee still spends much of her time either with her grandchildren, serving as a volunteer support agent for or in her sewing room making items to sell on this site. Laura Lee is proud to say that every item on her site is either her own design or from items either adapted or purchased through the years; but no matter where the ideas originally came from, each and every item she sells is hand made in America with loving care in every stitch.